Les autrichiens de CORNERSTONE sont dans l’obligation d’annuler leurs concerts prévus en Allemagne en avril. Ci-dessous le communiqué du groupe.



With the deepest regrets Cornerstone have to cancel the Germany-tour, which was planned for the first week of April. Austria has already closed its borders because of the Coronavirus, Germany did the same, so there is currently no chance for the band to leave the country. Apart from that, it would be morally wrong to play concerts, while the virus is raging in Europe, killing people and causing other tragedies. The next concerts in Austria are of course cancelled, too, those gigs will be re-scheduled in the next few weeks, if everything is over – hopefully soon! According to the current state of things, the tour will continue end of April at YELLOW-NIGHTS in Amstetten. Until then: STAY HEALTHY, ROCK ON, and above all: STAY AT HOME!!!


Source 03/19/2020: